Our Story:

Hi everyone! We are Mary and Katie Albrecht, an aunt and niece out of Chicago Suburbs in Illinois. We came together a few years ago when our family was in turmoil and formed a tight knit bond with one another. Our family was struggling on many levels with mental health problems and mental illness running wild. When we chatted, we found comfort in each other’s similar voice on the issues at hand and began opening up to each other about anything and everything. All the topics that were once too shameful to bring to light were pouring out, with both of us feeling relieved and also validated.

Ever since then, we made it our mission to talk, and loudly, about our struggles and our history of abuse and chaos growing up. We’ve published our memoir, Broken Nek (January 2019) and our podcast, No More Secrets (September 2019) to heal ourselves and help others live authentically. We believe if we were able to help each other, then maybe we can help someone else too. So grab a hold of our hands and come along for the ride as we bring a light to mental health!